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24PetWatch Microchip Identification

  • 24PetWatch is offered through Pethealth Services Inc. – a 100% owned subsidiary of Pethealth Inc.
  • 24PetWatch has become the fastest growing microchip program in North America in terms of monthly microchip sales.
  • Over 2,250,000 dogs and cats are now registered in the 24PetWatch database.
  • 24PetWatch includes the operation of North America’s most accurate database linking microchip numbers to accurate pet owner and pet information.
  • Organizations using PetPoint are able to automatically register microchip information at the point of adoption, thereby eliminating the need for additional paperwork.
  • In the US, 24PetWatch offers non-ISO (FDX-A) technology similar to that used by other US microchip providers. These chips can be read by the Home Again, Crystal Tag and AVID readers.
  • In Canada, 24PetWatch offers ISO (FDX-B) standard technology and universal scanners.
  • Registration in 24PetWatch is free to any dog and cat implanted with a 24PetWatch microchip.
  • 24PetWatch offers unique products and services to registrants including:

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