Offering sophisticated functionality and unparalleled support, PetPoint® DMS allows its users to efficiently manage every aspect of their daily operations, including animal intake/outcome tracking, medical protocols and procedures, and basic care activity, while reducing, if not eliminating, their IT-related infrastructure costs. Equally important, the application provides exclusive data management and reporting capabilities, enabling AWOs to better understand and use their data to reduce euthanasia and increase adoptions in the communities they serve.

The success of PetPoint has made Pethealth the largest aggregator of data on animals entering North American AWOs and a trusted source of information among Wall Street analysts covering other public companies in the industry. As of December 31, 2015, over 16.5 million animal intakes and nearly seven million adoptions have been completed via the application since the product was first launched in 2005, with over 2.5 million intakes and 1.2 million adoptions recorded in 2015 alone. For more information regarding PetPoint software or to see current data and reporting, visit