Save a Life with a ‘Like’

(TSX:PTZ) Pethealth Inc. - One in three pets that entered an animal shelter in 2010 never found a home.* But there’s hope. Petango is raising awareness about the importance of pet adoption and the need to eliminate euthanasia entirely. With its “Save a Life with a Like” campaign, Petango pledges to donate $1 to animal shelters for every ‘Like’ its Facebook Fan Page receives, up to $100,000. The money raised will go to various Petango-partner animal shelters across Canada and the United States in the effort to help homeless pets find homes.

Pethealth Inc. Announces Dividend on Series I6% Convertible Preference shares

(TSX: PTZ) The Board of Directors of Pethealth Inc. (“Pethealth” or the “Company”) today announced that they declared a dividend of $0.12 per series I 6% convertible preference shares (the “Convertible Preference Shares”), payable on January 27, 2011 to the holders of record at the close of business on January 20, 2011.

Euthanasia of dogs and cats declining according to the December PetPoint Report

Pethealth Inc. releases its December PetPoint Report, a monthly gauge of both pet adoptions and relinquishments affecting animal welfare.

(TSX:PTZ) Pethealth Inc. - Euthanasia of both dogs and cats in animal shelters in December declined 12% and 8% respectively year over year, according to the December PetPoint Report. The reduced euthanasia rate can be attributed to declining intake numbers and a stabilized rate of adoption.