Corporate Social Responsibility

Through a business model that promotes and supports responsible pet ownership and the health and safety of companion animals at its core, Pethealth Inc. actively provides social benefits that filter down to local communities, including:

  • Tens of millions of dollars in cost savings provided annually by the Company’s suite of products and services, allowing animal welfare groups to reinvest where it matters most to their organizations and the communities they serve;
  • An expanding global effort to reduce the number of lost and stray animals by promoting and providing accessible RFID pet identification technology and lost pet recovery services integrated at the shelter level. Reducing stray animals and keeping pets in homes lessens the burden on shelters and municipalities;
  • The growing ability of pet owners to prepare for the unexpected through affordable pet insurance programs, and the ability of veterinarians to provide quality care with reduced financial risk; and,
  • Providing unparalleled insight into the animal welfare community through robust data and innovative reporting.

The business is guided by a deep understanding of the needs and challenges facing animal welfare and our shared goal to build a stronger, safer global community for people and their pets.